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The possibilities are infinite

There is always a shape in things.

When you try to mass produce that form, you need the original mold of the shape.

In other words, mold is the origin of things, the creator of things.

Moreover, its form is diverse and flexible. Numerous occurrences occur and it is necessary in connection with the demand and supply of time. The necessity and possibility of mold which is the origin of manufacturing are infinite.

DMS MOLDES MEXICO, which is positioned at the core of such industry, is constantly reviewing the origin of manufacturing and concentrating on delivering products of high performance, high quality and high precision.

As long as there is something, DMS MOLDES MEXICO will continue to evolve.


We are introducing the latest equipment since 2016 and start making die-casting mold. Please consult by all means when there is maintenance of the mold and troubles etc.